Learning to Drive a Harrowing Experience

Author Kendall Seigworth hard at work. Photo by: Whitney Reno

Learning to drive

My first time behind the wheel I was a natural, but the second time around I made a fairly big mistake.

Luckily for me, my Dad had me practicing in his junky white Reliant K that exceeded my age by several decades. It was going to be euthanized in a couple months, so any damage I caused to the car couldn’t be considered catastrophic.

My Dad and I went to a vacant parking lot and cruised around, eventually we decided we wanted to drive back home. That’s when I hit a concrete parking divider. My big question was “why is there a random concrete thing in the middle of the road?” My rush of fear came before my vehement anger. It was like driving over the world’s largest speed bump and we actually flew in the air a little, like we just skated over a ramp.

When we crashed back to the ground, the hub caps came flying off, each in an opposite direction. My Dad jumped out of the passenger’s seat and began to chase after the runaway hubs. I began to look under the car, and I soon discovered the oil pan was dented. To the satisfaction of my Dad and I, it was not pierced and dripping. The car became even more fragile than it once was before, and my Dad decided he should drive it home very slowly and carefully.

Sadly, the car could not be salvaged. It was the last great adventure for my Dad’s Reliant K.

Driving with my Mom is much different than driving with my Dad. My Dad is really calm, and my Mom on the other hand just yells. She already yells at people who have years of experience, so imagine how much screaming I heard as a new driver. My Mom used every curse word in the book at me when I drove. It is still that way to this day. The funny part is, you can tell my Mother’s cursing is a fear response because she doesn’t even remember doing it once she gets out of the car. My Dad and I often have to tell her what she had said, and she ends up just laughing with us about it.

Overall, my driving has been fairly uneventful. Besides one major driving mishap and a cursing mother, it has all gone well.

By Kendall Seigworth

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