Gift Buying Time Running Out

They say early birds get the worm, or in this case, present.

Procrastinating shopping for Christmas gifts this year just isn’t going to work. Time has ran out for some of the hottest and most popular gifts already. Last year, according to, retailers were left with too many left over items from the holidays, and now this year, they made sure they were more conservative with ordering merchandise.

According to, this year some of the most popular wants and purchases simply ran out in many different stores.

A hard gift to find, a Kindle. Courtesy photo from

Time is running to put those checks on the Christmas list. These items include Kindles, a Kitchen Aid Mixer at Kohls, Old Navy’s $5 pajama pants, a $498 Coach Satchel, Victoria’s Secret waist cinchers, and the list continues. Some of these items listed are completely out of availability, others can still be purchased, its just a matter of finding them.

Penn Manor students and staff are also having trouble finding gifts for family and friends this year.

“I have been having so much trouble finding things that I just decided to get everybody gift cards instead of going through all the trouble,” said senior Olivia Rinier.

“I actually had to order a pair of shoes online because they weren’t available in stores,” said senior Kayla Pagan.

The Kinect for xbox 360. Courtesy photo from

“Finding Under Armor that fits my dad has been a struggle for me this year,” said junior, Taylor Goldberg.

“I still have two of my closest friends to shop for and they are hard to find things for so this could be difficult for me this year,” said senior Cassey Graeff.

Waiting until the last minute to shop this year could put you in danger of finding the right gifts for your family and friends. Many gifts are slowly becoming scarce to find in stores, and online.

“If it’s not on the internet, and it doesn’t have free shipping, I don’t buy it,” said administrator Jason D’Amico.

“I am having a really hard time trying to find the Kinect for Xbox 360. I have called several different places to try and get a hold of it, but everybody that I talk to says it’s unavailable at the time,” said administrator Eric Howe.

The Kinect for Xbox 360 was one of the scarce and hard to find items. One of our administrators had trouble himself finding one. This year was the year for early Christmas shopping. Procrastinating shopping may end up with late Christmas gift arrivals or no late arrivals at all.

By Allana Herr