Seniors Take the Cheese But not Happily

There are a lot of injustices in the world of high school: no mashed potatoes with popcorn chicken, a misplaced paper you know was handed in or being broken up with at the homecoming football game.

But nothing is more horrible, more embarrassing or possibly more emotionally scarring than being a senior and being forced to, yes, I’m just going to say it.

Ride. The. Bus.

Some seniors are still riding the bus. Photo by Whitney Reno

The infamous parking pass that comes with driving to school has been a senior privilege and most seniors are eager to do just that.  But not everyone is not that lucky.

Although you can rationalize that some seniors are lucky enough to take the bus.

It’s a reliable source of transportation, and will always get you to school on time; it isn’t so bad.


One senior, Eric Clark, rides the bus on occasion when his car breaks down, and is less than thrilled to be a passenger.

“It’s a pain in the butt, literately and figuratively,” said Clark shaking his head. “It’s uncomfortable – grouped with a lot of obnoxious kids.”

Truly, never having grilled cheese again would be better than riding the bus.

“Not driving feels awkward because most of the other kids are underclassmen. I feel like I miss out on a major senior privilege!” said Danie Beck as she pounds her fist on the table and her look of annoyance says it all – she does NOT want to take the bus.  But she will. Sigh.

And it’s not like these students can socialize with others on the bus.  Who would be caught dead talking to underclassmen? Right?

Walking home would be favorable over having to hear about their underclassmen drama and who is dating who. Who cares?!

“I keep to myself most of the time, I don’t really want to meet new people on the bus,” said Clark with a small laugh.

No one can blame you Clark, the bus is a shady place to meet new friends.

If talking to underclassmen doesn’t put a damper on their social life, then the inconvenience of riding the bus will.

Most after school activities, whether it be hanging with friends at the Sugar Bowl, or sports practice, have these seniors relying

Beck is unhappy about riding the bus. Photo by Whitney Reno

on their parents to pick them up.

No mom, don’t bring the minivan! I don’t want to wear my coat, its 78 degrees out!

Senior Helen Hutchens says that her parents don’t mind getting her for her after school activities, but Beck says that she feels guilty because she must rely on friends to get her home if she doesn’t ride the, you know.

Getting up early on her senior year adds to the list of drags of riding the bus for Beck.

Cleaning the bathrooms at work would be more fun than get up extra early on my senior year. I’m sure everyone would rather sleep than do a lot of things, I know I would. But that’s besides the point.

Senior year is supposed to be a time for laziness, and getting up early to catch the bus is more motivation to participate in Senior Skip Days.

And there’s always the kid that should have stayed home. You know who you are.

With a look of disgust, Emily Miller recalled having to stop on the side of the road for ten minutes because a passenger threw up in their book bag. As if the bus didn’t smell bad enough, this kid had to make it worse! Oh yes, you did.

Never watching Glee again would be better than having to deal with bus mishaps. There are so many things that can, and will, go wrong. If you don’t think this then you’ve never fallen down the bus steps… or up them.

Some students, such as Hutchens and Beck rationalize their bus riding by saying that it’s environmentally friendly and cuts down on fuel emissions, but there is no way to rationalize riding the bus your senior year.

Carpooling with a friend cuts down on fuel emissions too, you know. You can try to rationalize. But save your energy. It’s okay, you will get through this.

Beck and Miller sacrifice the torment of riding the bus to save some cash.

“It’s stupid that we have to pay money for a parking pass. If they gave us a list of where the money goes, then maybe I wouldn’t mind it,” said Beck.

Is it really worth riding the bus, though?

Nope. Nothing is worth riding the bus, not even for all of the popcorn chicken in the school.

By Whitney Reno

3 thoughts on “Seniors Take the Cheese But not Happily”

  1. lol wow i do sound like i’m bashing the underclassmen but nearly every senior that has been, is, or will be is the same way. there are just some privileges that are terrible to not receive. to bmb, i have more underclassmen friends then i have from my own class. i don’t brag about my seniority and i don’t dis them for not being older. they’ll get the same opportunities if not more then me. i just feel that i’ve worked through 3 and a half long and boring years of high school and i shouldn’t have to pay money to be a senior that drives instead of riding the bus. can you honestly say that underclassmen don’t annoy you when all you hear walking down the hallways is who’s hooking up with the person you’re crushing on and what supposed “illegal” activities the guy that thinks he’s hot…stuff…did last night? the underclassmen are usually the ones that are louder then necessary and block the ENTIRE hallway to have a convo that can be had inside the class that they are all in. so no i’m not bagging on underclassmen, i’m just not trying to deal with them more than i have to

  2. When you become a junior, it’s like there’s a switch that turns on and you’re suddenly annoyed by all of the 9th and 10th graders. Driving to school is a lot more relaxing than sitting shoulder to shoulder while the kid behind you continues to kick the seat.

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