Gas Prices Increasing, Robbing Students of Pocket Money

Stores might be having sales for Christmas but the cost to get there is sky high.

That’s right, the gas prices have risen again even in Lancaster County.

From last week’s Pennsylvania gas price average was $2.98, it has risen to $3.09 this week. A month ago it was $2.86 and a year ago it was averaged $2.69, according to, a website that tracks gas prices.

“That’s outrageous,” said Penn Manor student, Josh Carle. “I’ll just start walking to school or snatch a ride when I can.”

Gas prices have increased nationally. Photo courtesy of

In the Penn Manor School District alone, the gas prices have reached a whopping $3.09 per gallon. The Getty and Turkey Hills located within miles of the Penn Manor campus all are priced at $3.09 for the regular gas.

“It’s in the middle right now, it could be worse,” said Tanner Kennedy. “I worked my butt off all summer to make it through the school year without having to work. I am going to take shorter routes or carpool to save on gas.”

For some, gas prices are costing them an arm and a leg. They thought prices were bad before, then they see the labeled signs on the corners of their local gas station and have  a fit when they see the numbers.

Sophomore Jaime Reel explained how she does not pay for gas yet, but sure isn’t looking forward to it.

“I was with my mom on Monday and she needed gas. We were pulling up to the Turkey Hill in New Danville and all I heard her say was ‘oh my gosh.’  I saw her looking at the sign and I knew she was unhappy. Gas already costs her a lot because she drives an SUV that has real crappy gas mileage. I haven’t even gotten my license let alone a car yet, I didn’t even think about having to pay for gas, too. I just keep saying to myself, oh I can’t wait,” said Reel.

Others feel the same hole burning in their pockets.

“I’m not too happy. I drive a full size truck that gets 10 miles to the gallon. I also race dirt bike so I need race gas for my bike, which is a VP C12, and its $13.50 a gallon,” said junior James Frese. “I’m gonna carpool with a few of my buddies who just got their license, I’ll make them drive me around.”

No matter the size of one’s gas tank, people all over are not happy about spending any more money than they already do.

“I pay for my own gas,” said senior Jere Vital. “To save on gas, I’m gonna ‘Google Map’ the shortest routes everywhere.”

Every little bit will help, especially with the holiday season taking place.

“The gas prices suck, but I don’t holiday shop, so I don’t have to worry,” Eric Clark, a senior, said.

“Not only will my holiday shopping, but my everyday lifestyle will be affected because of these gas prices,” said Frese.

“Nobody likes to spend more money on things. But I also realize that we (Americans) still have some of the most inexpensive gasoline prices of the modernized world. Countries like England, France and Germany pay way more for gasoline than we do. So I try to see the glass as half full rather than half empty,” said social studies teacher Streeter Stuart. “It’s simply a matter of supply and demand.  I walk or ride my bike to school almost everyday.”

By Jenna Reel

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