Penn Manor Music Students Reach County and District Levels

Imagine working everyday for two months after school, for just one day of preforming.

A few students did that and reached their goal to make county and district chorus, band and orchestra.

The chorus was judged on tone quality, melodic accuracy, rhythmic accuracy, intonation and musicality.

Meredith Hitchcock worked extremely hard on these skills. Hitchcock went to both the county and district auditions where she placed 13 out of 98 in the county competition, and 23 out of 111 in districts as a soprano two.

“Doing these auditions and being involved with these auditions will help me with the musical challenges after high school,” said Hitchcock.

Music students succeed at their audition. Photo by Mary Treier

The music that the music students had to perform were very difficult.

“The musicality was hard,” said Hitchcock.

Ian Bricker also auditioned to both the county and the district competition. Bricker placed 3 out of 23 in the county and 7 out of 63 in districts.

“I worked on my music everyday after school and during all the homeroom periods,” said Bricker. “I wanted to do this to better myself as a musician.”

Along with Bricker and Hitchcock, the following people made county chorus, Emily Biechler, Kate Harrold, Brendan Kincade, Kelly Lenahan and Mitchell Wise.

Harrold also made district chorus along with Bricker and Hitchcock.

The orchestra members who made county orchestra were, Olivia Deitrich, Danielle Barleib, Allison Herr, Nick Charles and Jesse Griffith.

Lily WuShanley and Sophia Wushanley were the only two Penn Manor members who made district orchestra.

Charles and Griffith also made district band.

By Kyle Hallett

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