Penn Manor Students Ready for Black Friday

Black Friday is approaching and Penn Manor students seem to be pretty excited to go, as they share their past experiences.

“Last year I saw two guys get into a fist fight,” said senior Dan Short.  “I’m guessing it was either over something they both wanted, or they were just unhappy with each other.”

Students go for the good sales, getting their Christmas gifts at good prices, the company of friends, or just something to do.

Popular game systems can be found dirt cheap on Black Friday

Penn Manor students said they will spend anywhere from $20 to $250 on all sorts of different items.

“I usually go to get a good pair of shoes. Maybe a nice pair of Nikes,” said Brian Buckius.

Some students don’t even go to buy anything, just to walk around, meet new people and socialize.

“Black Friday is when I usually buy gifts for my family since I can get them at a cheap price,” said Jeremy Ostberg.

“I spent over $200 on Black Friday last year,” reported Abby Newport.

A lot of students go to get good prices on video games and video game systems, since the stores normally have good deals going on and these items are usually very expensive.

Black Friday gives students many opportunities, that don’t come around often.

All kinds of opportunities.

“I usually just go to check out the ladies,” said Brock Kauffman.

By Dillon Walker