An Unwanted Pest Makes Its Way to Bedrooms in Our Area

They’re HERE!

They may be guests, but they are uninvited.

As they hitch hike rides into homes on clothing, luggage, and various other things, bed bugs have certainly upgraded their vaguely known name.

As of this fall, exterminators have been called out to treat bed bugs in all districts throughout Lancaster County, according to a local exterminating business, Kirchner’s Pest control.

“Over the past two years, our calls have increased majorly,” said Londa Weaver, owner of the business. “We average five calls per week. Ten years ago, we had none.

“We had four treatments done yesterday alone,” Weaver added.

Anne Butterfield, a nurse at Penn Manor High School, explained what she knew about bed bugs.

“They live in seams of mattresses and feed off human blood,” said Butterfield.  “They

Bed bugs creep their way into beds. Photo courtesy of

can give rashes as well as bites, and can survive in a whole range of temperatures. Last spring, I sent kids to their doctors concerning bites that may have been from bed bugs.

A science teacher at Penn Manor High School, Erick Dutchess, expressed his thoughts about bed bugs.

“Bed bugs are like Santa Claus, they are not real,” joked Dutchess.

“I am not worried about bed bugs because I’m clean and I wash my sheets once a week,” said senior Joey Carlyle.

“I change my sheets, and I’m not worried because I have a water bed. I suggest that everyone convert to a water bed,” said Tanner Kennedy.

Many people have that ex

Bed bugs survive on human blood. Photo courtesy of

act misconception. Being clean and having water beds does not prevent bed bugs. Bed bugs can still infect water beds, according to

Butterfield also explained the eradication procedures.

“They are pesticide and non-pesticide based, like mechanical approaches. Vacuuming, wrapping the mattress for a period of time and heat treatment,” said Butterfield.

According to, the thermal death temperature for bed bugs is approximately 125 to 130 degrees Fahrenheit.

At Kirchner’s Pest Control, they use the crack and crevice treatment.

“The guys on the job have to get rid of the infested mattresses, box springs, and any upholstered furniture,” said Weaver. ” It is much more expensive for people to have us do bed bug treatment. It’s more labor intensive and time consuming. Since bed bugs like to hide, the guys have to treat not only bed frames, but everything including picture frames that are hanging on the wall.”

By Jenna Reel

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