Penn Manor is Very Thankful

A turkey for me and a turkey for you, students at Penn Manor are very thankful too.

Thanksgiving, the holiday to give thanks.

With Thanksgiving break arriving, students and faculty are eager to start their thanksgiving break. However, they are still very thankful for many different things.

“I am thankful for food,” said Jeremy Vital.

“I am thankful for almost being done with my high school career,” said Laura Revelt.

The senior lunch table ready for the thanksgiving break. Photo by Kyle Hallett

“I am thankful for my health,” said Ally Emmert.

“I am thankful for my freedom,” said Jen Rote.

“I am thankful for zebras,” said Chad Bomberger.

“I am thankful for not being grounded anymore,” said Brant Phillip Roth.

“I am thankful for having a house over my head,” said Matt Gross.

“I am thankful for pilgrims,” said Brock Kauffman.

“I am thankful for friends,” said Ryan Wissler.

“I am thankful for a nice home,” said Cassey Graeff.

“I am thankful for my dog,” said Erica Coakley.

“I am thankful for turkey,” said Jennifer Felegi.

“I am thankful for my home and bed,” said Janelle Witmer.

“I am thankful for my friends, family and food,” said Maddy Hess.

Brian Frantz smiles, thanking for the support of all the brave men and women in the armed forces. Photo by Kyle Hallett

“I am thankful for life and being able to have food 0n the table for Thanksgiving,” said Spencer Barnett.

“I am thankful to have two classes with Mr. Himes and my pals,” said Zach Rayha.

“I am thankful for my friends and family,” said Ryan Dicamillo.

“I am thankful for people like my son who volunteer and fight for our country, said Brian Frantz.

“I am thankful for coming here (school) everyday and educating the youth of tomorrow,” said Steve Hess.

“I am thankful for the soldiers that keep us safe,” said Austin Fink.

“I am thankful for my life and family,” said Clark Habecker.

“I am thankful for my family, three sons and a wonderful job enabling me to see all the smiles on the students faces,” said Pamela Yarnell.

“I am thankful for my wife and kids,” said Douglas Eby.

“I am thankful for my family and Joe Paterno returning to coach,” said Jason Hottenstein.

” I am thankful for my fantastic family and working with such wonderful people,” said Eric Howe.

Along with the annual turkey, stuffing and mashed potatoes, students and faculty at Penn Manor high school are very appreciative of their lives.

By Kyle Hallett and Cree Bleacher

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