Cross Country Team Runs Down the Competition

Coming off of the best season they’ve had in an extremely long time, Penn Manor’s boys cross country ended this week with a record of 12 wins and 9 losses.

In some ways, girls cross country had more success since they actually launched a star runner who, as a freshman, swept the entire league.

Having to run a lot everyday not knowing if you’re going to do well at the meet is something you have to overcome if you want to be on the cross-country team.

But it seems all the running is really paying off.

“We did really well. Better than we’ve done in a long time,” said Faheem Gilani, a Penn Manor cross country runner.

“We did 100 times better than every previous year,” noted Peter Ashworth, a runner as well. “We improved tremendously.”

Gilani personally had one of his best years ever. As well as Ashworth.

Next year boys cross country team doesn’t plan on slowing down. With upcoming addition Travis Wells, Jon Bitner and new younger talent, they are looking to improve on this year’s impressive season.

Girls cross country also had one of their best seasons this past year.

With a winning record of 11 wins and 10 losses they were extremely happy about the outcome since it was a much better record than last year.

Emily Edows will be the captain for girls cross country next year.

The girls run everyday except Sunday, and practices are pretty intense.

“We could have done better but it was a good season. Best we’ve done in a long time,” says Greta Lindsley.

Greta Lindsley running a cross-country race

With a 21-0 record as a freshman, Lindsley had an outstanding season.

After winning the L-L League meet, she went to districts October 27 and competed, taking fourth.

The top thirty go to states where Lindsley will compete on Saturday, November 6th.

“I’m just going to keep doing what I’m doing because it seems to be working,” Lindsley said.

She has been doing what she’s been doing for quite a long time too. Running has been Lindsley’s sport since kindergarten.

If she doesn’t have practice on a certain day then she trains at home.

Her dad is the main person in her life who has really encouraged her and got her going in the sport, she said.

By Dillon Walker and Tyler Funk

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  1. Why isnt shadrack mentioned here? hes the number two or three runner on the entire team and he made it to districts!!!

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