Students Discover Unblocked Internet During Filter Glitch

As unlikely as it seemed, students discovered a glitch in the school’s technology system Tuesday. They had a glorious romp around the Internet for a few short, but breathless moments, enjoying all kinds of sites that are normally blocked during the school day.

For about 40 minutes on October 26, the school’s normally strict content blockers and filters froze and failed. The malfunction allowed students in the school to log onto some of their favorite websites such as Facebook and Youtube.

How anyone first discovered it is unknown but news travels fast in tight hallways where conversations can easily be overheard.

Senior Lizzie Pflumm gazes longingly at her now blocked FaceBook page.

“It was pretty cool, I played games the whole class, along with everyone else in the block. I got on Youtube and my Facebook to update my status and I talked to my friends in different classrooms,”senior  Cody Welch commented, “I don’t think they should be kept unblocked, because no one got any work done while the filters were down.”

With the filters down, there was no restriction on what content was being viewed, which could have allowed for nefarious “site-seeing.”

Students who joined in on this rare occurrence posted their glee on Facebook that evening. Some are still talking about it.

“I was on both Facebook and Youtube during class,” senior Tanner Kennedy said, “I doubt that will happen again.”

“It was a technical malfunction,” said Principal Phil Gale, “that’s it.”

Normally Youtube is a site blocked to students. Photo courtesy of Youtube

“It was real cool,” senior Paul Slaugh stated, “They should keep harmless sights like Youtube and Facebook unblocked all the time, and only censor adult content.”

“I was on Gamebattles, Facebook and Youtube at the same time.” said Nick Weidinger, also a senior at the school.

By Ben Embry

Photos courtesy of FaceBook and YouTube