Students Choose Role Models from Family, Celebrities

Derek Jeter, Lady Gaga, President Obama, Kobe Bryant, all can be considered role models for today’s generation.

At Penn Manor, however, not just famous celebrities, athletes, and politicians are role models. Family members, friends, co-workers, and many others also are potential shining examples to teens. They come in all colors, ages, shapes, and sizes.

Austin Richwine says his role model is Chase Utley. Photo by Jenna Reel

A junior at Penn Manor High School, Austin Richwine, explains that his parents are his role models in his life.

“They let me have fun and balance that with good parenting. I try and pass what they teach me to my friends and my sister,” said Richwine.

“Chase Utley is my famous role model because he plays baseball and he plays it right. I try to play like him,” Richwine said.

Sophomore Cooper Lindsley and junior Ryan Dettrey both say that their famous role model is Michael Phelps.

“I’m a swimmer so I look up to him,” says Dettrey.

“I want to be a ‘swimming awesome machine man’ like him. I try to follow him by swimming like a beast,” Lindsley said.

Sophomore, Aaron Lugo said that Jon Sciaretta is his friend and role model.

“He is so fun to be around and always tries to have a good time. I act like him because I try to do the same and I grew out my facial hair like his,” said Lugo. “My famous role model would have to be David Ortiz because he is an awesome baseball player. I try to copy his batting stance.”

Sophomore Aaron Lugo looks up to Jon Sciaretta. Photo by Cree Bleacher

Patrick Ament explains how his grandpa is his role model.

“He is so funny and always makes me laugh. I try to be funny like him and I sometimes use his jokes. As for my famous role model, I’d have to say it’s Lil’ Wayne. We have a lot in common and I listen to his music all the time” said Ament.

Rapper Eminem is Josh Carle's role model. Photo credit to

Senior Josh Carle said that his famous role model is rapper Eminem.

“I think it’s really cool how he overcame all of his problems and is still a well-known, great rapper,” said Carle.

By Jenna Reel