Flashback to the 50s at the High School

As guests walked in they were met with the smell of hamburgers, the sound of old 50s music and chorus members in poodle skirts and leather jackets.

On Friday, Oct., 22, the Manor Singers and Chorus had their infamous Hop fundraiser. Doors opened at 6:30 and soon all the seats were filled.

“This is our third year doing the hop, and every year it’s been successful,” said Jenna Spayd.

“The first year we had it at Manor Middle and it was a little crazy, but this year we have everything down. Third time’s a charm,” said Adam Swift.

Bethany Napier dressed as a 50s girl Photo By: Whitney Reno

For the first half an hour Penn Manor’s own band, Man Hunt, played 50’s music for the guests to enjoy while they were mingling and looking at the donated raffle items.

Some students swing danced for entertainment.

Then it was time to dig into the burgers, fries and milkshakes, donated by John Herr’s and Turkey Hill.

Students sold tickets for $25 each, and the money went into their own chorus accounts and is used for things such as the trip to Hawaii for the 70th anniversary of Pearl Harbor or chorus sweatshirts.

Tickets went fast for this well known event.

“We didn’t really do a whole lot of advertising because it’s so well known,” said chorus member Sam Hershey. “But some people didn’t know it was going on, until they saw us in our costumes.”

Hershey wore her costume to school in support of the hop.

Some students decided to keep the money they raised, but some students decided to help out a friend.

Swift sold five tickets, and decided to give his money to a friend who is going to Hawaii.

Hershey sold ten tickets and is going to use some of the money for herself, and give the rest away to someone going to Hawaii.

The general feedback from guest is always positive.

“Everyone loves it so much. Some sing, and they always like the food,” said Choral Director Melissa Telesco.

“It’s just a big 50s thing!’’ said Hershey.

By Whitney Reno