Bobby Rehm – Penn Manor’s Wrestling Idol

Since the second grade Bobby Rehm has been on the mats, rolling around, trying to tie up his competitors. This past year Rehm qualified for state wrestling competition. Being in one of the hardest districts in P.A. qualifying for states was something very few wrestlers can do.

“He’s an intense competitor and hates to lose,” says wrestling head coach Steve Hess.

Sophomore year is when his skills really started to skyrocket and he improved as a competitor tremendously. He did a lot of lifting and off-season work which contributed to his success.

Rehm has been wrestling in the 125-pound weight class since his sophomore year; occasionally wrestling in the 130-pound class.

Bobby Rehm

His current best record is 36 wins and 6 losses,  which he tallied this past year, his 11th grade year, the year he also went to the state championships.

“I like that it’s a one-on-one sport, not necessarily a team sport,” Rehm says.

In Rehm’s near future he hopes to wrestle Division One in college. Then hopefully he will qualify for the national competition. His current goal is to win the state competition this year.

Rehm wrestles two to three times a week and then normally has a tournament ever other weekend.

Hess plans to incorporate more lifting and conditioning in his program to improve wrestling’s record this year. He also moved some coaches around in hopes of also improving this season’s outcome.

Solanco is Penn Manor’s biggest rival, according to Hess, so beating them this year will definitely take extra effort.

“Practicing is my least favorite part. Practices are hard and take a lot out of you,” Rehm says.

His favorite wrestling move to do on his opponents is called the inside trip ankle pick.

“Bobby enjoys getting really physical and is never satisfied unless he gets the pin” says Kyle Kann, a fellow wrestler.

By Dillon Walker