The Senior Class’ Financial Situation, are the Rumors True?

Rumors about money, or the lack of it, have been a dark cloud over the class of 2011 for about two years.

There have been rumors about its fund raising efforts, its finances, it’s prom and overall how it’s financial situation will affect the fun things planned for the year.

Josh Carle, a senior at Penn Manor High, is extremely worried about his prom. “Ever since I entered high school,  I’ve looked forward to prom and now it might not be as enjoyable because we’re financially unstable.”

Class of 2011 President, Jesse Graham, acknowledged there have been disappointments along the way but it doesn’t equal disaster.

Class President Jesse Graham. Photo by Jessen Smith

“The class itself has not done a great job with our fundraisers,” Graham said.  “The class representatives have put together enough fund raising opportunities that we could have had a lot more money than we do.  I should remind the rest of the class that it’s not just the class officers that are responsible for the fund raising.”

Compared to previous graduating classes, 2011 is lagging in the funds they have raised going into their senior year.

Melissa Frerichs, an English teacher and class adviser from 2010 and 2009 released some frightening statistics.

“The class of 2009 had a little over $21,000 (at this point in time),” said Frerichs.   “The class of 2010 had around $19,000.”

Meanwhile the class of 2011 has about $10,000 a this time, according to recent estimates.

“Shocking to say the least,” said Jere Vital, who called himself a concerned senior. “I would’ve expected more with all the effort it seemed like we put into fund raising.”

Student representatives for the class said people shouldn’t panic.

Senior Jere Vital is concerned about the funds for his class. Photo Jessen Smith

“We’re completely fine,” said Graham, the class president for the seniors.  “We’d like to get more money but we can manage with what we have.”

Class of 2011 adviser and biology teacher Eric Dutchess said, “Realistically we’re fine. We’re lower in funds than some classes in the past.”

“Prom’s looking good. So far we’re looking at The Host, but that may be subject to change,” Graham said.

Class officer Corey Morales said, “There will be a fundraiser coming up selling entertainment books, which will allow the students to lower the price of their prom tickets.”

“The rumors about our class are mostly completely false and ignorant. We have everything under control,” Morales said.

Class officer Garrett Young said, “We’re seniors too, we obviously want to have a good prom. We have put in the work to at least have a fun prom.”

Class representatives agree that fund raising can’t be done by just a few people, it has to be a group effort.

The senior class will be leaving in June of 2011, and questions remain whether or not their last year will be one to remember.

4 thoughts on “The Senior Class’ Financial Situation, are the Rumors True?”

  1. $10,000? I think not, What fundraisers have the senior class done but chicken bbq tickets and comet cards? If they even have close to the amount of what you are saying it is because the class before us passed it down. AND the officers think “the students” should be doing more. If we wanted to be in charge we would have ran for officers, but no. We voted for you.. and not to just do 2 fund raisers a year. So in order for the students to help out the officers need to keep a handle or their jobs and also not lose us any MORE money.. yeah im talking about the..what.. $600? we lost because the officers didnt write down the names of those who took chicken bbq tickets and there goes our money just walking right out the door!!!… way to go 2011 officers!

  2. I blame the figures of authority among our student body. Clearly the general student population cannot be held accountable for such a tragedy.

  3. we are lazy and the comet card failed. i personally know of like 40 ppl who didnt pay that back and were never contacted.

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