The New Apple “iLineup”

The new electronic Apple “iLine up”… success or terrible flop? The fourth generation of pocket-sized media libraries has hit the market (or fan).

Few students at Penn Manor are able or interested in constantly keeping up with the latest Apple technology, mostly because of cost.  But many still have an opinion on the flashy but familiar design of the iTouch 4.0.  The new iPod has a very similar layout to it’s oldest brother, the iPhone.

Some features are intriguing.  The new iPod has not just one camera on it, but two. The second camera is located just above the touch screen on the device. The purpose of this new camera is so users of the new iTouch can use the popular 4G application, FaceTime.

The new iphone.

Facetime is similar to the popular social networking website, Skype.  Although the application had a few bugs when it first debuted on the iPhone 4, it seems to have been worked out with the new iTouch. The application can only be used with a wireless internet connection.

The new device features three hard drive sizes, 8 gigabyte goes for $229. The other two models come at prices that could burn a slightly larger hole in your pocket. The next size up, the 32 gigabyte starts at $299.  The largest and most expensive variant of the iTouch 4.0 costs $399.

Students at Penn Manor High School seem to be hanging on to their funds more than ever this year.  Does this symbolize that the “iPod iCraze” is coming to an end?

“They’re just too much money, I can’t see myself spending multiple hundreds of dollars on something fragile that I’d end up breaking anyway,” said Cory Lentz, a senior.  “Having a camera on an ipod is just too much, Most cell phones have cameras anyway.”

Sadly, most other students seem to have embraced Lentz’s sense of penny-pinching, and instead of splurging on new electronics, they will be spending their hard-earned cash elsewhere.

“I just broke my iPod a few weeks ago, but these new ones are so expensive. I use mine to listen to music, not to take pictures or play games on. They’re so expensive that it doesn’t seem like I’ll be buying a new one soon,” said Tyler Dommel, a senior at Penn Manor.

One of Apple’s newest products seems to have been a success. A recent buyer of Apple’s Apple TV, Kyle Hallett was ecstatic at the chance to talk about his new gadget.

“You save so much money, because you don’t have to pay for cable, you can use things from your iTunes library to stream it wireless to your television. You can watch movies, listen to music, and even view pictures as a slide show. It works really nice and there are no commercials,” Hallett said.

It seems iPods are still common, but the craze to have the newest, best one isn’t, as more and more teens experience the waning value of the dollar, their hard earned cash isn’t being shelled out for electronics that flash.

By Ben Embry

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  2. In this article, the memory modules in the iPod Touch models are referred to as “hard drives.” This, however, is not true. They are solid-state flash memory based devices. They do not use hard drives. The only iPod model that currently relies on a hard drive for its data storage is the iPod Classic.

  3. Jalapeño is correct, they have flash memory, not a hard drive. Those are grossly different components. The author needs to research their data correctly next time before posting misconceptions.

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