Messages of Love and Encouragement “Stick” to Students

Girls are walking into the bathrooms at Penn Manor this year and are seeing notes aimed at raising their self esteem.

Written simply with a marker on Post-it-type notes, messages have been seen on bathroom stall doors that say, “you are beautiful,” “believe you are beautiful,” and “you are so much beautiful!”

Notes of encouragement are being posted in Penn Manor's girls bathrooms.

Although the author of the notes is anonymous for the moment, it may be someone who was inspired themselves by a similar campaign to promote a healthy lifestyle for adolescent girls.

Dubbed “Operation Beautiful” by its founder, Caitlin Boyle, a 26-year-old from Charlotte, N.C., said on her website that she strives to help women stop the negative talk about themselves and other girls.

Boyle started her healthy lifestyle blog June 2009. She also started the posted note trend which has spread to many public schools and bathrooms across the country and, since this year, includes the walls of Penn Manor.

Other notes in Penn Manor’s girl’s bathrooms read:“You are so much beautiful” and “God Loves You.”

As for the author of these notes, that still remains a mystery as does the amount of the amount of girls in Penn Manor who’ve seen the notes so far. But as for the ones who have, it seems that the message is getting through.

“It’s a good idea, because high school girls are always down about themselves,” said senior Mikah Farbo.

Other girls may have not seen the notes but said they would appreciate the message.

Simple notes are aimed at making a difference.

“It would probably make me smile,” replied Ella Perry.

“I would probably be surprised, especially since there’s always negative things written in the bathrooms,” Elana Hart responded.

Compared to last year’s problem with nasty and demeaning messages, which was covered by a story in Penn Points, the messages in Penn Manor’s girl’s bathrooms this year are a lot more positive.

Whether its one person or more, posting these notes around Penn Manor proves a positive attitude can “stick” to others.

By Sarah Garner and Robert Henry

Kendal Phillips contributed to this story

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  1. I think that this is a cool idea. It’s a better alternative to writing disparaging comments on bathroom stalls.

  2. If anyone wrote a note to me that said “God Loves [Me],” I would be deeply offended. Seeing as this public school is a secular institution, God certainly does not belong anywhere in it. It violates the Establishment Clause of the First Amendment of the United States Constitution. If it is discovered that a member of the school faculty is behind the writing of any of these notes, their ethics and obedience of the established school rules must be brought into question.

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