Graphic Designers Represent Penn Manor Well

By Zeke Sensenig-

The tech and art programs at Penn Manor were well represented again at the Pennsylvania State Computer Fair.

Ryan Krause and Faith Walauskas, two juniors from Penn Manor high school, both competed at the PA State Computer Fair.

Krause was entered in computer animation, while Walauskas was entered in graphic design.

Both Krause and Walauskas went to the regional computer fair and placed first place in their respective competitions.

“At the regional computer fair, I had immediately noticed that the competition was not as thick as I had hoped. In other words, I figured i’d walk away with something right off the bat. But I never expected first,” said Walauskas.

In other words, Penn Manor has two extremely talented graphic designers, that have a more than bright future ahead.

While Krause was entered in the animation portion of the competition, he is an aspiring graphic designer and plans to attend college for this.

Krause did not place in animation, but he was one of five that was chosen for a scholarship to a Harrisburg university.

The Krause family is no stranger to the competition though, Ryan’s brother, Aaron Krause, placed fourth in the state competition when he attended Penn Manor.

“Now I know what I need to do for states next year to possibly place,” said Krause.

Walauskas was a strong catalyst in bringing the AP Studio Art class back to Penn Manor. Walauskas is the one who created the Facebook group that many of the Penn Manor student body joined.

Here is an article previously written about the AP art issue:

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“Actually, I do (representing the art department). Graphic design’s a tough and very competitive industry, or so I hear, and with this whole AP Art predicament, it makes Penn Manor look pretty bad art-wise. I feel what i’ve brought back to the school should make some sort of stand for the art department,” said Walauskas.

Faith ended up placing third for her grungy-feeling poster design; a design in which she got inspiration from her friend.

“The inspiration for the grungy feel of the piece was from my love of the Vietnam war and the 70’s in general. As well as one of my closets friends, Sidney Miller; the two divided faces in the piece are of hers and mine, representing the similar mindset we both share as friends. As for the term ‘Apple,’ that is an inside joke stating that she and I would one day form a band called Apple, and it would be the biggest thing. Many laughs,” said Walauskas.

Overall, the competition was a success for both the tech and art departments at Penn Manor, and also shined light on two very talented looking prospects in the graphic design field.

“I feel pretty good, I suppose. At first thought I didn’t even want to compete in the computer fair; ironically I had figured my stuff wasn’t good enough. All of this had snuck up on me.

By Zane Sensenig

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