You and Your Parents: The Shocking Similarities

The branches between your family tree might be tighter than you think.

Let’s admit it. We distance ourselves from everything that has to do with our parents from the way they dress, to the way they talk and even their interests in pop culture.

However, we’re mirroring our older generation in more ways than one without realizing it.

Some students reluctantly admitted to similarly acting like their parents.

“Some of the things I do or say really remind me of the things that my parents do,” said student Kelly Herr, “I think that I do kinda act like my mom when she was growing up.”

“[I’m] kinda [like my parents],” said student Meghan Miller.

But some students refused to agree.

“I would hope that I’m not [like my parents],” said student Halle Mosser.

Students like Mosser may find the proof shocking.

The Fads of Fashion

Your parents’ closets used to be filled with bell bottoms and polyester. We laugh now, but have you looked into your collection of the latest trends?

Our flannel trend compares to our parent's tie dye trend.

Flannel is the new tie dye. Almost every other student can be seen walking down the hallways wearing it during the Winter.

Take a second glance at your parent’s platform shoes – you might have a similar pair under your bed.

However, students complain about being nagged by their parents about what they have on before leaving the house.

“My dad yells at me when I wear jeans with holes,” said Miller.

“My mom hates the way a lot of girls dress now,” said Herr.

But when it comes down to it, we’re in the same position as the adults before us.

“[My parents] thought skirts were too short [as well]. They thought whatever trend was popular wasn’t going to last,” said Holly Astheimer.

Many of us scoff at the idea of mood rings being a trend for our parents, but what will our kids think when they find out the similar trend affecting us, or wearing animals as bracelets around our wrists, also known as Sillybandz.

So while the trends may look different, the type of styles show that we might not be as unique as we had once thought.

The Lights, The Music, The Gaga

If you turn on the radio, nine times out of ten, a Lady Gaga song will come on and everyone in the room starts to sing along of how they ‘want a bad romance’ or how you ‘can’t see their poker face.’

“Lady Gaga is one of today’s most fascinating singers because she’s different,” said student Shannon Nitroy.

Lady Gaga is always altering sounds, looks and fashion,  and is inspiring others along the way but she’s not the first superstar to have an ever-changing career.

Our older generation had its own Lady Gaga – the one and only, Madonna, who also had a huge impact on music in the ’80’s and 90’s.

Is Lady Gaga our generation's Madonna? Photo from

“Madonna adopted a new persona for every album,” said Thea Andrews, a former correspondent of music for Entertainment Tonight, “Gaga does it for every song, every big performance.”

Madonna and Lady Gaga are arguably the biggest pop stars of the former and the current generation respectively.

Many adults saw Madonna’s songs – such as ‘Like a Virgin’ or ‘Papa Don’t Preach’ as provocative and controversial.

Lady Gaga is no stranger to controversy as well, but it may prove that a little bit of controversy makes for a lot of success.

But today, the same ones who were followers of Madonna are now anti-Gaga.

“My dad thinks [today’s music like Lady Gaga] is crap,” said Miller.

But just like how some of us have sneaked ‘Like a Prayer’ onto our iPods, some of our parents have their guilty pleasures as well.

“My mom listens to Lady Gaga,” said Herr, “She sings the wrong words, but she listens.”

More Surprising Similarities

Long hair was cool in the ’70’s and has had it’s fair share of time in the spotlight during our lives.

Long hair was both popular in the past and today. Photo from

Our parents lived through a strongly opposed Vietnam War, and now, we our currently watching a similar War in Iraq.

Both generations have had their share of natural disasters – In 1970, an earthquake in Peru left 700,000 people homeless, while the 2010 earthquake in Haiti left about 1.5 million people homeless.

The older generation worked hard to land onto the Moon – now we watch as our astronauts attempt to explore Mars – and further.

One of the greatest hurricanes ever, Hurricane Agnes, occurred in 1972, which has been challenged by the 2005 Hurricane Katrina as one of the most costly hurricanes ever.

Different But The Same

Yes, we are our parents.

We have their DNA, their chromosomes and the same genetics, but until we’re about 30, we will probably do anything we can to distance ourselves from them.

Still, our fashion trends, our music and the events that we witness prove one small thing.

We’re more alike than we know, or at least, want to admit.

By Mike Nitroy

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