Oodles of Noodles!

Break it up, cut open the bag, dump into a bowl and add water then put into the microwave for a couple minutes. Any college student who has run out of mom’s home cookin’ knows what this is about. Ramen Noodles.

College students love Ramen noodles because they’re quick and easy to make. Ramen noodles are more than just food though, there’s many things one can do with a pack of Ramen noodles.

Ramens Beef Flavored Noodles.

There are websites out there proclaiming many original uses for Ramen noodles.

Although one, http://blisstree.com/live/50-things-to-do-with-ramen-noodles/ deals mostly with recipes, there are many more that have crazy innovations for the crunch starch. And Penn Manor students have their own crazy suggestions.

Want to build a house, looking to remodel your room? You can surely do that with Ramen noodles. Break up the noodles and use them to decorate a class project. You could even add food coloring to the noodles to make them look more presentable. Stand the Ramen noodles up like dominoes and watch them fall to the ground.

There’s even a better idea.. HOW ABOUT A RAMEN NOODLE FIGHT? Sound a little painful doesn’t it? Imagine the pain of getting some noodle in your eyeball. Sounds like a blast to me.

“I would have a Ramen Noodle fight inside a house because they’ll stick to the walls like spaghetti,”  said sophomore Michael Schneider.

Surely there’s more interesting things one can do with Ramen Noodles, kids at Penn Manor sure do have a very crazy imagination. A couple of the students thought up some good ideas.

“I would make a wig with the noodles, guitar strings, a jump rope, use the noodles as floss, throw them on the ground and wait for someone to slip on them, use the broth to make broth popsicles and you could even make a noodle monster!” Proclaimed Justin Herr a Junior at Penn Manor.

Ramen Noodle Monster Photo by Gabby Myers
Ramen Noodle Monster! Photo by Gabby Myers

“You could use the noodles as a bungie cord, you could make sillybands, best friend bracelets, lassos,party streamers and possibly a raft made out of uncooked Ramen noodles, that would be awesome!” Exclaimed Josh Herr.

“I would make a shirt of out them,” said Bobby Lawrence.

The average person wouldn’t think of half of these ideas, are Penn Manor students going mad?

You can eat em, you can create with em, you can do anything with them. Ramen Noodles.

By Gabby Myers

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