Possible New School Sport

“We don’t play with balls,” said Henry Stewart, referring to a potential new sport at Penn Manor – Ultimate Frisbee.

The effort to make Frisbee into a recognized sport is being led by mostly seniors.

The team practices every Thursday  and the team welcomes anyone who is interested in joining the team.

“We play until we get too tired to move,” said senior Brendan Stoeckl.

The team has made a name for themselves after entering several tournaments and being invited to a few others, including a Solanco tournament.

The average practice for the team consists of a 10 versus 10 game against each other, getting ready for any competitions they might play.

“The biggest turnout we’ve had so far was 45 people,” said another senior.

So far it has been a struggle to make Frisbee an official school sport, mainly because the team consists of seniors who will be leaving this year.

“Frisbee deserves to be a school sport just as much as any other sport we have here,” added another senior from the team.

With the majority of the team already graduating, the remaining players hope enough students will turnout next year to help them make Frisbee official.

By Paul Slaugh