Penn Manor’s Preferred Pizza Place

Nino’s, House of Pizza, Two Cousins and the Sugar Bowl, What do they have in common?

Local pizza.

More than 40 Penn Manor students were polled to find which of these pizzerias, is their favorite.

And the winner is… Nino’s with 18 votes!

Close behind was House of Pizza with 17 votes. Tied for last were Two Cousin’s and the Sugar Bowl with 4 votes each.

Readers can vote on Penn Points’ interactive poll on the homepage of this website!

“Nino’s is so amazing because their pizza is like fluffy greatness of joy and beautiful rainbows,” said Nick Weidinger.

Penn Manor sophomore Matt Ulmer said, “Any bread at House of Pizza is the best bread in the world.”

Pizza with all the toppings

Junior Troy Go disagreed saying, “The quality of bread is too bland.”

For some, the reason they picked the pizza place they did was the price of the pizza.

Comparing the prices of a large pizza, House of Pizza costs $9.75, Nino’s costs $10.75, Sugar Bowl costs $8.75 and Two cousins’ costs $8.99.

The old saying, “you get what you pay for,” is true in this case. Being that Nino’s costs the most and still won the poll.

“Since I was born in New York, I like their pizza because it is similar,” said junior Alexander Geli about his favorite pizza place, Nino’s.

“Nothing good in CV (Conestoga Valley), come to Penn Manor, you got yourself some pizza,” said junior Josh Smolko.

This week, the pizza debate goes to Nino’s. If haven’t already, you can vote for your favorite local pizza place too, on our home page.

Stay tuned next week for another debate.

By Paul Slaugh and Zane Sensenig

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