Threat Remains Unspecified

The case is closed.

On March 18, a non-detailed threat was scribbled in a women’s bathroom stall for Friday, March 19.

The administration at Penn Manor High School did not specify a guilty perpetrator, if threats continued or if their were any suspects accused.

Families of Penn Manor received a prerecorded AlertNow message from superintendent, Mike Leichliter, in which he said that he was confident that the safety of Penn Manor would be protected during school that day.

“My philosophy regarding these types of situations is to share as much information as possible with all those groups [Penn Manor families] without compromising specifics regarding the ongoing investigation,” said Leichliter, who had experienced this situation for the first time as superintendent.

The attendance at the high school was slightly lower than usual, but nothing completely out of the norm.

Students and staff noticed a higher amount of security that day, which included a number of local police officers scattered throughout the campus.

“I tried to get out of school, but my mom wouldn’t let me,” said senior, Shannon Henry. “I think our school is safe though.”

Many students didn’t feel any paranoia concerning the situation.

Senior Mike Cotich shook his head no while scoffing when asked if he was scared by the threat. “I didn’t even know about it [that morning],” said Cotich.

There has been no new information released regarding the case.

As the administration stated repeatedly, “The case is closed.”

By Dessie Jackson and Cody Erb

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  1. Whom ever did this needs to talk about there problems instead of making threats, it helps more and the best thing in the world is my education, and i would rather come to school not worried than worried.

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