PSSAs Launched Successfully for Penn Manor Juniors

The PSSAs (Pennsylvania System of School Assessment)  are off to an amazing start at Penn Manor with good attendance and only one health issue, according to Penn Manor assistant principal Krista Cox.

Principals confirmed that one girl taking the test got a nosebleed during the first day of the PSSA testing but she just went into the hall and stopped the bleeding. She even went back in and finished the section.

Other health issues that are associated with the PSSA, according to officials,  is that if a test is defaced with blood or something else, the school just needs to get the same numbered test from the state and the student finishes it.

The PSSAs sometimes bring a lot of stress because teachers and administrators always talk about how important the tests are to the school.

Juniors take the PSSAs but the state has approved a new form of testing – The Keystone Exam which students would have to pass in order to progress to the next grade and graduate.

The junior class finished the two long sections of the PSSA on Monday and Tuesday.

There are seven more days of PSSA testing left this month.

By Sam Valentin and Taylor Groff

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  1. Exceptional use of anecdotal evidence to support your thesis. I find myself in full agreement with the statements presented.

  2. PSSA testing was great because i’m a sophomore and i didn’t have to do it but open gym for us was great.

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