Good Luck McNabb

In the eyes of Cowboys fans, the NFC East conference looks like it should have their team’s name all over it.

The Philadelphia Eagles are losing their team one player at a time. Not only is it bad enough that the Eagles are losing their players, but they are giving their sloppy quarterback of 10 years over to division rivals, Washington Redskins.

This news is not as much of a surprise to me as much as it is a pleasure, especially since I know that McNabb might not even start.

The head coach of the Redskins, Mike Shanahan, told McNabb that he will have to earn his place as the starter.

If the current starter, Jason Campbell, stays in the starter spot I will be in shock and awe.

Many people may think of him as a nice addition to the Redskins, however McNabb is no miracle worker. Whether he improves the team or not, the Redskins will not have a shot at the playoffs.

The Redskins ended their 2009-2010 season with four wins and 12 losses. To have a shot in the playoffs you need to have 11 wins.

Whether McNabb makes an improvement or not, the Redskins will never be able to win seven more games than they did last year.

No matter what quarterback you are, Peyton Manning, Joe Montana or Tony Romo, some of the best the league has ever seen, no one will never be able to adjust to the Redskins offensive line.

Now I am not going to say that Eagles had an amazing offensive line, but the Redskins offensive line is just terrible. According to the Redskins let up 45 sacks all season. That is an average of 2.8 sacks a game. If you are a football fan you will understand that that many sacks per game is outrageous. If you are not a football fan, then just understand that you cannot get much worse than that.

Good luck Donovan, good luck.

By Mike Bouder

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  1. Tony Romo will never be one of the greatest QB’s, you cant compare him to Joe Montana or Peyton Manning, sorry.

  2. i never really liked the eagles but i would prefer McNabb on them then that dog killer vick!

  3. It is an editorial, that is why they put it under EDITORIALS. When the author says, “The Redskins will not have a shot at the playoffs”, that is an opinion. That is one of the reasons it is under editorials.

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