Hooked On The Hot Stuff

Every student has their own morning routine, which normally includes the snooze button, a shower and some dental hygiene.

Mine ,however, includes a very crucial element-my coffee, also known as the elixir of my life.

Monday through Sunday, I get my java at 6:15 sharp, found at the corner of microwave and kitchen counter, and I’m always welcome.

Dessie Jackson contributes her column to Whisper Down the Web.

I’m welcomed by the soothing smell of deliciously warm coffee beans, and the taste of hot coffee, one sugar, milk and vanilla flavoring.  (I take my coffee very seriously). Now who wouldn’t want that? Who wouldn’t need that?

I can’t even imagine.

On October 21, however, my nightmare became a reality. Yes, the Jackson Household Coffee Shop closed.

I woke up on time, and all appeared well, but little did I know the tragedy at hand.  The bliss-creator broke down.

As I pressed the green button that morning, I was shocked to find nothing was dripping. I was not hearing those musical drips and drops of liquid hitting the bottom of the pot.

I was devastated.

What has this world come to?  Frantically, I approach the owner of the shop, my mother.

“Mom, I can’t do this. I can not go on with this day.”

She was not amused.

That was the day I realized that I have a problem. I’m hooked on the hot stuff.

Throughout the day nothing went right.  I fell asleep in first block, I failed a quiz, I couldn’t pay attention, snapped at anything that moved and I had the most terrible headache brewing inside of me- these being just a few side effects of my coffee withdrawal.

To sum it up, I was cranky – really really cranky, and I was never happier to see 2:45 roll around.

As I was driving home, I realized how ridiculous I was being.  I let coffee ruin my entire day. A liquid. A mere luxury. At that moment I decided I would turn an awful day into a great one.

So what did I do? I drove to good ole’ Turkey Hill for a good ole’ cup of joe.

Maybe it’s time I had a coffee intervention.

By Dessie Jackson