SAT Anxiety Reaches its Peak Saturday

The SAT, or Scholastic Aptitude Test, is literally right around the corner, being held at Penn Manor Saturday, March 13.

This is the test that many colleges look at and it’s this same test that drive students off the wall.

According to a SAT pamphlet found in the Penn Manor guidance office, “the SAT is the only admissions test to let colleges see how well students do academically.  It’s mostly used to get to know students better and it helps colleges understand how students think, solve problems and communicate.”

While some students are using online practice or practice questions from a book, others feel it’s better to relax and deal with the questions on test day.  Which way of preparation is right, is completely up to the individual.

If some students feel relaxing will help them score better, more power to them. Though, personally, I would have practice questions with me everywhere I would go. There’s no such thing as too much practice.

For Junior Jill Wiley, preparing for the SATs is just one click away by answering the daily questions sent to her e-mail. Jill says, “I kind of get nervous when I click the bottom to see if my answer is correct. I’m sure on the testing day I’ll be a nervous wreck.”
Katie Coons, a Junior, commented on her preparation, “I took SAT Prep, which helped a lot. I also have a book that I use,” Katie mentioned, “I’m more nervous than anything because many colleges look at those scores.”
According to the pamphlet, “the SAT is more than just a test as it provides the opportunity for students to connect to scholarship opportunities, place out of certain college courses and learn more about their academic strengths.”
Counselors and faculty members encourage students to efficiently prepare for this test by practicing questions, getting a good night’s rest and eating breakfast the morning of the test.
Penn Manor math teacher,  Ashley Thomas, believes, “The best preparation for the SATs is to take advantage of the knowledge gained from the classes taken in your high school career.
The classes integrate everything that will be covered on the SATs. Good luck to everyone taking the test,” Thomas concluded. is offering practice questions, study guides and other resources to help students get ready for this big test.
If you are a Junior and are planning on taking the SAT sometime this school year, this site is extremely helpful and steers you onto the right path, leading you to success.
By Ariela Contreras

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