Remember the Times

High school to most people is the time that you build relationships and make memories with the friends that mean the most, what better way to remember those times than by buying a class ring…or is it?

Some people think of a class ring as being something you can keep forever and look back on when you and your friends grow apart.

Some of the students at Penn Manor High School think differently about the idea of spending all that money on one class ring.

Class rings are available this year to seniors

Senior football and baseball player, Jared Shearer, commented that, “It’s not that memorable, I’m just going to get a yearbook since pictures mean more.”

“I’m just not a ring guy,” said Shearer.

As the economy worsens and times are getting harder, it’s obvious that students won’t be that interested in buying a class ring this year.  They’ll save their spending money for things of their own interests.

Senior Erik Klugh said, “I’d much rather spend my money on a yearbook that has pictures of everyone and things I’ve done in high school rather than a piece of jewelry. Plus pictures mean more and can tell stories of my past…that’s something a ring can’t do.”

To some people a ring might be the perfect way to remember things; you can engrave your name on it, have sport symbols, and even your birth stone.

To senior Kenny Tomaszfski, a class ring is a good investment.

“It will always remind me of the times and memories I had at Penn Manor,” he said.

No matter what happens in school or in classes, in the halls and even at lunch, there is  always something that can be turned into a memory. You can buy a class ring and have something to wear the rest of your life or you can get a  year book with pictures to look back on.   You will always be able to remember those times you shared with fellow students during your time in high school.

Damien Oswald

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  1. I’m thinking about just begging my parents to buy me the largest gold class ring possible and then secretly taking it to the pawn shop or sending it to cash4gold. Then I would tell them I lost it while I happily stroll around with a wad of cash in my pocket.

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