Soda Tax Taxes Teens Who Love Their “Pop”

Everybody likes to kick back and enjoy the occasional bottle of pop but the next time you do, you might be getting popped a little more than you bargained for.

Senate leaders are considering putting a federal tax on the sweet and sugary drink we know as soda.

They say that the tax is to try and eliminate the sugary drink from people’s diet. Since these sugary drinks contribute to obesity. This tax is like the one put on tobacco products because tobacco causes so many medical problems.

These taxes are supposed to be used as a deterrent to people who consume these products.

Some Penn Manor students feel that this tax is not just.

“That’s [lame],” said senior Garth Bolin about the proposed tax on soda.

Even if there was a tax on soda would it stop students from drinking soda?

“Probably not,” added Bolin.

Even non-frequent drinkers of soda are opposed to this tax.

“I don’t really drink soda but that tax would be [stupid],” said sophomore Marc Summy.

Summy also wanted to know where this tax money would be going.

According to a report in the Wall Street Journal, this tax money would be to help combat the cost of the national health care plan which may cost $1.2 trillion to implement.

Tax on soda sounds crazy but what’s next- tax on ice cream, pizza or candy?

While unhealthy and decadent treats are a detriment to our health, taxing soda because of its long term affects make it seem as if soda drinkers are comparable to tobacco users.

“Its ridiculous for them to compare tax on soda to tobacco tobacco kills people, soda never did that,” said sophomore Michael Andrusisin. “Also, if they put tax on diet soda that is messed up because that is trying [to get people] to be healthy.”

There are many questions about this proposed tax and for now not many answers.

But one thing is clear soda drinkers don’t want the tax.

By David Mohimani

3 thoughts on “Soda Tax Taxes Teens Who Love Their “Pop””

  1. I say that the more ways the government can figure out how to suck money from the taxpayers, the better. I don’t see the problem in them doing this since the government levies excise taxes on other disgusting goods such as alcohol and tobacco products. They also have a sin tax on gas, which is good too since that stuff is dangerous. It explodes, hurts the environment, and is bad to inhale the fumes. Excise taxes on soda is a move in the right direction for America.

  2. I honestly don’t see the point of taxing soda,what’s next? tax on candy?(even though I think they do already)

  3. the tax wont stop people from drinking it is just another way for the gov to make money. does the tax on tobacco stop people from buying it. no it does not

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