USA Women take Olympic Silver in Clash with Canada

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USA forward Natalie Darwitz in front of Canada's goalie Kim St. Pierre and defender Carla Macleod. Photo courtesy of

She shoots, she scores! That is her second goal tonight, Marie-Philip Poulin puts Canada up by two late in the first period.

After making it all the way to the gold medal round, team USA lost to team Canada in the Olympics 2-0. Canada came out of it with a gold medal, USA with the silver.

Team USA just could not simply put the puck between the pipes as Canada’s goalie, Shannon Szabados, stopped every shot that came her way. The total shot count of the USA was 28. Canada only got off one more shot with a total of 29 shots on goal.

Although Canada did score two goals, USA’s goalie, Jessie Vetter, can not be blamed. She stopped 27 of Canada’s shots. On top of all that, USA’s offense could not capitalize at all out on the ice. USA had two, 5-on-3 power plays and not one goal to come out of it.

The team’s rivalries began to boil going into the game, and seemed like it became personal out on the ice. There were penalties being called left and right in the first two periods. Canada had a total of 12 penalty minutes and USA with 10.

Even with no penalties being called in the third period, it was just as rough. There were no signs of checking, which is illegal in womens hockey opposed to men, it was still very rough. It looked as though you could have been watching the men, but it just seemed like the referees got tired of blowing their whistles.

In the end it was a fantastic match-up between the two teams. Both teams went undefeated on their way to the medal rounds. USA outscored their opponents 40-to-2 going into the game and Canada outscored their opponents 46-to-2. The game was definitely a game to remember, and a game to talk about until the next time the two teams face off.

By Mike Bouder

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  1. While that was a good game to remember, there is this other game I always try not to remember but I do, and it’s called “The Game.” Quite amazing hockey scores!

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