The Truth Behind The Rumor


After Lancaster County has been burdened with somewhere around three feet of snow throughout the month of February, there are speculations of a snowy first week of March.

Throughout schools and workplaces alike, people have been hearing a rumor of the supposed “42 inch snowicane.”

But no one seems to know the exact origin of said rumor. Most people seem to believe the prediction was made in the 2010 Farmer’s Almanac. However, the almanac predicted only “periods of rain and snow, chilly,” for the first week of March.

Another trusted almanac, Baer’s Almanac, predicted very nearly the same thing. Baer’s predicted there to be one less inch of precipitation than usual.

Eric Horst, Millersville University’s meteorologist, put the rumor to rest (for now) in an interview with the Lancaster New Era. Horst said predicting any sort of weather, let alone an exact amount of snowfall is comparable to “throwing darts in the dark.”

Horst and The Weather Channel estimated that the storm expected between Tuesday and Wednesday of this week may drop, at most, an inch of the white stuff.

By Sarah Schaeffer