Spring is on the way

After a long sequence of winter storms, spring weather is coming for a change.

Snow, snow, snow is all Lancaster County has been experiencing for the last couple weeks. With record snow accumulation in the previous weeks, spring might finally be coming to put an end to the wintry weather.

According to theweatherchannel.com, Lancaster will be witnessing 40 degree weather through out the whole weekend. Friday and Saturday will be in the low 40’s for its high temperatures.

We may not know what to do with ourselves.  Afterall, Penn Manor has suffered or enjoyed four snow days this school year, depending on your point of view.

Sunday, however, we will have a high in the low 50’s which is a huge change to the recent weather Lancaster has been going through of late.

After this “heat wave” most the existing snow will be completely melted and for the first time in about a month, grass will be visible.

Spring has never been so welcome.

By Simon Zimmerman