Coffeehouse Chords Ring Through Penn Manor

Forget George Street Café, Java-teas, Square One, and Prince Street Café. Penn Manor hosts their one-of-a-kind Coffeehouse.

This past Friday, Penn Manor High School’s chorus hosted their very own.

Tim Deubler, Courtney Jacobs and Kyle Hallet perform a Paramore cover. Photographed by Haley Blazer

“The set up was really nice and cozy.  The people seemed to enjoy it,” said Luke Harvey, a member of the chorus and a performer that night.

The atmosphere was full of warm drinks, desserts, and light chatter.

Though there was a list of performers, the event was treated as more of an “open-mic night,” and the music department students provided one-song acts for the public.

From stand-up bass to acapella, the mic was visited by an array of music styles.

“I thought it was cool for each of us [music department students] to sing in our favorite style and hear everyone else perform what they wanted to do,” said Courtney Jacobs, sophomore.

Coffee House
Zach Levenson performs. Photographed by Haley Blazer

Guests were treated to all-they-could-drink coffee, hot chocolate, and desserts while students performed for a mere $5.00.

“It was no stress, and it was a place where you could relax. It was casual.  It looked like a little Starbucks.  I loved it.  It was so much fun,” said Melissa Telesco, chorus director.

All profits benefit chorus students, who are planning on traveling to Hawaii in 2012 to commemorate the anniversary of Pearl Harbor.

This melodic night ended up being a smash-hit.

By Dessie Jackson

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  1. omg u guys it was so much fun!! Come to the next one if you are able to! Great job to everyone who performed!

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