Snow Snow Go Away

It has been about a month since Lancaster has seen a glimpse of some grass since the county was struck by two large snow storms covering the region with the lingering powder.

Now with the anticipated spring season approaching fast, the people of Lancaster can expect their spirits dampened by the words “more snow”.

“This snow is horrible,” said Penn Manor junior, Ryan Pennell. “I’ve seen enough of it.”

WGAL Meteorologist, Matt Ritter, says that “tonight the snow will be heavier and winds will strengthen. Uncertainties still remain to how much snow accumulates as this is very complex system. East of the Susquehanna River should receive around six to twelve inches.”

When Penn Manor’s personal “weatherman,” David Bender was asked about tonight’s forecast he stated, “If we have any snow accumulation, we [Penn Manor] will more than likely have at least a delay because the winds are going to be so intense.”

Bender continued to say that the northern areas from Lancaster County along the east coast will have a larger snow accumulation.

With the storm approaching quickly from south, Penn Manor is well prepared with experience for this predicted snow storm.

By Cody Erb

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  1. anyone hear about that storm in march?
    supposeidly suppose to drop over 40 inches I think I heard

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