Another Magical Goal For “Sid The Kid”

Crosby after game-winning goal. Taken from ESPN. Sidney Crosby stepped up and crushed the dreams of some of his NHL teammates and friends. Is he hated or a hero?

By Sam Valentin-

It depends where you live, the United States was hoping for the second upset in U.S. mens hockey. But just miles away, Canadians everywhere got their way when the Canadian National team scored first in the sudden death overtime victory over the U.S. Sunday on Canadian ice.

The U.S. achieved more in just being against the hockey machine, in the gold medal game because most analysts had the US team finishing fifth in this year Olympics and being able to force overtime.

The U.S. even defeated the highly ranked Canadian team a week ago.

Jonathan Toews scored early for Canada going up one-nill against the scrappy, young U.S. team.

Canada scored again in the second period when Corey Perry cleaned up a breakaway chance.

But no shut out because the U.S finally showed up almost 13 minutes into the second period off a shot by forward Patrick Kane that got deflected into the back of the net by Ryan Kesler to make it into a game.

The U.S had so many scoring chances because Canadian goalie Roberto Luongo couldn’t cover up the puck leaving the U.S. with a plethora of great rebound chances in front of the net.

The U.S. finally capitalized when a shot by Kane ricocheted off of Luongo and U.S. forward Zach Parise was in front to tie the game up with 25 ticks remaining in regulation.

The U.S. wasted the clock out after they got the puck and with momentum and all the U.S could taste the gold heading into overtime.

United States filmmakers were already thinking about a sequel to a miracle on ice.

But then Jerome Iginla passed the puck to Sidney Crosby and with a flick of his wrist and only 7 minutes and 40 seconds into the most watched game in Canadian history was ended.

He didn’t even know it went in; he was just trying to get off a quick shot said Crosby to ESPN after the game.

4 thoughts on “Another Magical Goal For “Sid The Kid””

  1. I think if he is on a American hockey team
    he should have been on the USA team not the Canadian one

  2. Nice article. However I think that the article should be more centered around the game and not so much around the most arrogant person to ever skate out on the ice to make the final shot. Even though he said he did not see it go in, we all know that he did, he just wanted to look cool. Too bad for you Mr. cool guy, your terrible. STAY IN VANCOUVER!!!

  3. I am not an ice hockey fan but I watched this game and thought it was quite exciting. Earlier in the weekend on the Olympics I watched the segment about Gander Newfoundland and what the Canadians did for people whose planes were grounded when the United States closed its airspace after the 9/11 attacks. Because of that, I was happy for the Canadians when they won the ice hockey gold.

  4. sidney was born in nova scotia therefore he should play for the country he was born in. Woulnt you want to play for the country you were born in?
    The most arrogant player in the NHL is Sean Avery. Not Sidney Crosby he just goes out and plays hard and at a very high level, game in and game out.

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