2010: a year for not only new beginnings, but new technologies.

Who knows, flying cars and houses that float in the sky; we may be living like the Jetsons in no time with the new upcoming technologies in the year of 2010.

New gadgets coming out for the New Year

47 inch LG 3D TV: Your average flat screen TV but with a twist

Zach Campbell. Photo by Alex Blythe

Battery 3D glasses that alternate right and left lenses
Use of film over the screen instead of glasses in some cases.
42-72 inches
Already being marketed
Project Natal: The latest gaming technology even more hands free then the Wii.
A controller-free gaming experience
Allows interaction w/ Xbox 360 by camera
Coming out 2010 holiday season
Prices undecided
Nexus 1: Just “Google” it.
Phone made by Google
Touch screen
5 mega pixel camera w/ flash
2X digital zoom
Noise cancellation
480×800 pixel screen
$529 unlocked
$179 with T-Mobile service
Verizon Wireless service is coming spring 2010`
iSlate: A small, flat device with every imaginable technology consumer use.
Made by Apple
Tablet touch screen computer
MP3 capabilities
Internet accessible
DVD player
7 in by 10 in
Reported to be about $1,000

With all the hussle and bussle of the new decade, students at Penn Manor are keyed up about the upcoming technologies.
Molly Principe looked over the LG 3D TV and exclaimed, “It would make you feel like you were actually there.” Principe also added that, “Project Natal would be pretty sweet. I’d play that.”
Ryan Wissler also had good feed back about Project Natal, saying that he would play because, “It’d be fun and better than the Wii.”
On the contrary, other students were not feeling as thrilled about the new items.
Eric Gerlach stated his opinion on the iSlate, “I think that it would be annoying to have a touch screen computer. I would rather have an iPhone than an iSlate.”
Despite what students think, the makers of these products are expecting to have a full sellout. Some people say the iSlate will potentially be bigger than the iPhone.

By Alex Blythe and Kim Bowman

3 thoughts on “2010: a year for not only new beginnings, but new technologies.”

  1. i like the last one the best, sounds like a portable surround sound system or something

  2. Project Natal is a glorified Eytoy seen years back on the PlayStation 2 or even the simple games that came with the logitech quick cam software. Give me a controller with buttons and no gimmicks or give me… um well not death.. but i just don’t want the camera and motion control garbage.

    iSlate is just stupid. I don’t like touch screen only based devices. They’re gimmicks and I hope it is just a bad fad. Now don’t get me wrong, touch screens aren’t bad, but they need some physical buttons. Like if the iPhone had a slide out qwerty keyboard with physical buttons, or some sort of add-on bay to give it this option, it would be so much better.

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