“It’s Complicated” Movie Review

Its not often that you see a movie about women over the age of 40, let alone one that is a big a hit.

By the first week of January, the movie had made $76 million worldwide.

The movie’s cast, including Meryl Streep, Alec Baldwin, Steve Martin are funny and have great chemistry.

“Its Complicated”, released on December 25 is about a woman struggling with her relationship and feelings towards her ex-husband while also trying to run her own coffee shop, remodel her home and deal with her newly empty nest.

Not to mention the other man she has been seeing.

It all started when she went to New York with her family for her son’s college graduation. While there, she runs into her ex at a bar and the two end up spending the whole night together.

They continue their affair throughout the rest of the movie, even after she begins to date the architect she has hired to add an addition to her home.

Meryl’s character is caught between the daring adventure of having an affair with her married ex-husband and the smart, sweet architect.
The irony of a man cheating on his wife, the woman he was once cheating with and the adult humor riddled through the movie make for a hilarious film no matter what the age of the leading actors.

Although it is obviously not a “family-friendly” movie, it is definitely a must see for mature teens.

By  Stephanie Carroll