Want your cell phone battery to last longer?

You go to make a phone call with your fully charged phone and minutes  later… beep, beep cell phone dead. Don’t freak out.  There are 10 simple things most cell phone users can do to enhance their battery’s performance to continue their talks with their lovers.

1.Turn the cell off.  Obvious, right?

Turning off the power for just several minutes won’t help anything, but it will if you are not going to be able to answer or if you are going to be sleeping. You will receive all your text messages when the phone powers back up.

2. Stop searching for signals.

There will always be places where you can’t receive cell phone signals because of your location. Chances are, your cell phone won’t change its mind and you will never get signal in this location. Your cell phone will keep looking and trying to find signals which can drain a battery extremely quickly. The best thing you can do is to just turn the cell phone off or change the profile to airport mode.

3. Don’t use auto-brightness.

Yes, this is a cool feature and the quality of the screen looks incredible, but the brightness is more then necessary. Manually, put the brightness between minimum and halfway. For phones that do not have the brightness feature and have the backlight feature instead, just turn that off also because, it too, is unnecessary.

4. Try and keep the battery at room temperature.

Batteries have been proven to work longer while at room temperature. Just like you don’t like to be getting nailed by the sun with no protection, it is the same for the cell phone. Also, if the battery gets hot all the time, or gets hot when charging, it might be time for a new battery.

5. Extra features are sometimes excessive and can affect the battery.

The 3g mode can really make your phone run faster for the internet and in general, but if you’re not going to be using the internet today then turn it off. At the same time, if you’re going to be using the internet today then keep this mode on or else you will waste your battery loading new pages. Bluetooth is another thing that should practically always be turned off or set to manual. Most people don’t even know how to use this mode and should be only used for syncing devices or transferring material from one device to another.

If you have made all of these changes and haven’t noticed any type of improvement there are some other possibilities. Check on the internet for reviews on your phone to see if  your model of phone just has a bad battery and it’s time to find a new phone. Another possibility is if your battery might has just been used to much and needs replaced. The average life of a cell phone battery to be consistent is around 2 years.

By  Connor Rowe

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  1. This is actually really good to know. Most people say that the battery drains faster when turning it on and off all the time at night and in the morning, but I guess it’s really better for it.

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