More than Just a Frosty Treat

The team of six students in the Penn Manor FFA has put together a new technological display to show how milk from a cow comes to be ice cream in your freezer.

They have teamed up with Turkey Hill Dairy as their sponsor and have now built a display to show how one of the dairy’s most popular products is processed.

The team includes Cameron Long, Kaleb Long, Caleb Hess, Cade Murry, Joe Herr, and Tyler Bauman.

According to Caleb Hess the group has been working on their presentation since the end of October.

Hess said that after they were paired with Turkey Hill, they decided to design their display around ice cream because it is a major product of the dairy, it was easier and “it just made more sense.”

Hess also explained that they knew how to show the milking process and how to have the final product; the hardest part about it was that they “weren’t sure how to display the rest of the process.”

Their display starts in a small milking parlor, where they show a cardboard cow being milked, and ends in a freezer filled with empty boxes of ice cream. The team gave out cups of ice cream on Saturday as part of their presentation.

The display was entered in a competition against seven other schools. It took place at the Farm Show Complex and which has been open to the public since Saturday, January 9 and will close the following Saturday.

There will be people’s choice award, where visitors to the complex could enter ballots and pick the winner.

There will also also judges for the competition. Awards will be given Saturday and teams could win up to $1000 for their hard work according to Caleb Hess.

By Stephanie Carroll

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