November’s Editorial Cartoon


Students "love" the new thumb scanners!

Drawn By: Jonathan Almanza


  1. Nick Hartely says

    I agree this takes forever!!!!!

  2. this is the truth it takes for ever to get lunch any more and we never get time to eat are lunch especially in the morning.

  3. I agree. I think the line went a lot faster when we didnt have the scanners.

  4. lunch needs to be just like 5 minutes longer

  5. I can’t stand the thumb scanners, they take much longer and they’re so unhygenic! I’m glad that we have hand sanitizer by most of them now, it’s like swine flu is waiting to catch people with those things.

  6. ROFL PROPHET!!!! says

    i wasent there for the finger scan thingy and the Opt-Out line goes faster than the shortest scan line, they should go back to what it was last year and not use the scanners, they are a pain in the neck.