Powder Puff Update

The Powder Puff game has been rescheduled for Wednesday December 9. There are two mandatory practices which are taking place on Monday December 7, and Tuesday December 8.

There will also be a mandatory dinner before the game that all players and coaches are required to attend. The dinner will be free!

Another change to this year’s game is that there will be no boy cheerleaders, the junior and senior classes will have to cheer for themselves.

The permission slips for the game are due next Friday November, 13. If you don’t hand in your permission slip by 2:45 on the due date, then you will not be able to participate in the Powder Puff football game.

The price to get into the game is $1 or a canned good.

Don’t miss seeing the Senior and Junior girls duke it out on Wednesday December 9!

By: Abby Wilson

3 thoughts on “Powder Puff Update”

  1. Powder puff football is a really fun event that Penn Manor has, but without the boy cheerleaders its taking away from some of the fun. I believe the boy cheerleaders should stay although there was a little incident last year with the cheerleaders. Don’t take away the fun of cheer leading just because there was one little problem last year. Powder Puff football is only a half without the guy cheerleaders.

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