I Spent a Night in His Shoes and in His Head

It felt as though I had stuck my head inside an ice hockey bag for an hour. It stunk worse then my hockey team after we get off the ice and it felt like I was wearing clothes that were way too big for me, shoes that were 100 times my size and a helmet that was like looking through goggles.

This is the job of Comet man, our friendly mascot here at Penn Manor. A job I held for one hour of my weekend.

I am the backup Comet man and luckily, because the regular character couldn’t make it, I got to make my debut in the game against Warwick.

It was my job on October 23 to get the crowd pumped up and to encourage the Comet fans to energize the Comet players with the Stanky Legg and my comic sense of humor.

Many people have a phobia of people in costumes due to the fact that they cannot see who is truly inside. But when the same people know who is inside running the show, they are less intimidated by Comet man’s big eyes and flaming hair.

The phobia of mascots, which has not been named, is one of the top five phobias and is more prominent in older kids. Younger kids feel safe around Comet man, giving him high fives and receiving autographs.

When playing my role as Comet man I walked up to the student section where a bunch of the “Comet boys” called me over. They all said I should go talk to a senior girl, which turned into a wreck as she screamed bloody murder and almost jumped over the fence.

By: Alex Geiger

5 thoughts on “I Spent a Night in His Shoes and in His Head”

  1. i think that is really crazy how that girl got that scared that she almost jumped over the fence!!

  2. i was never scared of mascots i think that girl over reacted.

    I wouldnt be able to put my head in something that stinks.

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