The Secret Life of the Drug-addled American Teenager

By Alyssa Jahnke-

Has MTV gone too far?

The MTV show Skins is about nine teenagers with different personalities who have come together to have fun and make new memories.  Sounds simple, right?  Not quite.

Skins contains a lot of underage drinking parties, drugs galore and sexual scenes.  Some may say that this is a normal teenage life behind the scenes, but is it?

“The show is not realistic at all,” said Nick Hartley, a senior at Penn Manor.

MTVs Skins Cast. Photo courtesy of

The new MTV series Skins has been characterized as child pornography and criticized for showing too much for uncensored TV.  The new series was based on an original show aired in the UK and is now being shown in the US.  The premise of the show is the same but with some U.S. modifications.  While the UK version shows nudity, the American version is more toned down with no nudity.

People are split about their feelings of the new series.

“I have never been to a party where people bring out a bag of pills,” Hartley said, recalling a drug scene from a previous episode of Skins.

“I don’t do anything like Skins. Not the bad stuff they do,” said Maddy Hess.

Skins may not represent a normal social life of a teen.

Senior Cidney Rupp said, “Me and my friends do everything on the weekends except what Skins does.”

“Me and my friends just go to the mall, see movies and have sleepovers,” said Hartley.

Emily Hutchinson, a senior at PM had strong feelings about Skins, “The show is bizarre.”

Some people find the show enjoyable to watch because it is such an ongoing exaggeration from their real lives.

“I don’t think it is realistic because it is about like really scandalous stuff,” explained senior Elena Hart.

Hartley said, “Not all teenagers are like that. It is just Hollywood people.”

“I only like the one guy,” joked Jaquan Presbery.