AT&T Soon to be Largest Cellphone Company

By Eric Gerlach –

AT&T is expanding it’s company by 33.7 million customers.

The  phone company announced Sunday that they will buy T-Mobile USA in a cash-in-stock deal valued at $39 billion, making AT&T the largest cell phone carrier in the United States.

According to Wall Street Journal reports, number three, Sprint Nextel, has been talking  with T-Mobile USA.

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On charts the deal looks sugary sweet to some T-Mobile customers. Some advantages include, larger choice of phones including the iPhone. Better network coverage, combining the two companies will improve service in some locations. AT&T will be the largest cell phone carrier, because they are the largest they will likely raise prices which may scare away customers.  But for Senior Kate Maisel the change may overwhelm her.

“I Think it’s ridiculous, no way AT&T can keep T-Mobile’s promise of no-contract deals,” Maisel said. “The only thing out of it that benefits me is maybe getting an iPhone.”

With T-Mobile state-of-the-art internet AT&T will gain full advantage and offer all kinds of services to customers. Smart phones between AT&T and T-Mobile will most likely increase in production and decrease in price.

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The employees of the local and national T-Mobile service centers refused to talk about the situation.

“I cannot disclose any of that information” said a local employee.

The new phone-subscriber count for AT&T will be around 135.9 million after they buy T-Mobile.  Their eventual goal will be to cover 95% of the nation with service. The deal with T-Mobile will take about a year to complete. When calling national headquarters USA the same response was given.

“I cannot give you any of that information,” said the T-Mobile representative.