Hunters prepare for rifle season opening

By Cameron Rebman

The annual rifle season opens in Pennsylvania on Monday. For many men and women that means taking off of work or school to go into the woods and wait for a big deer to walk by. Penn Manor School District will be closed for the day.

Every year rifle season is a big deal for many people in Pennsylvania. Killing a deer gives people a chance to provide food for their family and have plenty of it for a long time. Many people take deer hunting very seriously.

In order to hunt in Pennsylvania, potential hunters are required to pass a hunter’s safety course. To earn your hunter’s safety course, hunters must attend a class for a few hours throughout two days. In these classes an instructor teaches you about gun safety, common sense while you are in the woods and other important things you will need to know while you are hunting. At the end of the two days, you take a test to see if you passed the safety course.

You also need a license to hunt in Pennsylvania. When you have passed the hunting safety course, you are eligible to purchase a license. A hunting license is approximately $20 at stores such as Kmart, or Wal-Mart. You will need to purchase a hunting license every year.

Senior Connor Ream said that he is looking forward to rifle season this year.

‘’I’ve been hunting for six years now, and the biggest buck I’ve got is a nine-point buck, so I’ll be looking for a bigger one this year.’’