Miley Cyrus: a transformation

By Lauren Hillegas

There is no doubt that the name Miley Cyrus rings a bell to most pop culture fanatics. Recently the media has been buzzing with the young singer/songwriter’s newest transformation. From Disney channel sweetheart to controversial twerker, Miley Cyrus is certainly shedding her former self.

According to the Huffington Post, Cyrus’ transformation began with the release of the first single, “We Can’t Stop”, off her newly released album Bangerz. In the song she sings a controversial lyric, “dancing with molly,” referring to the modern form of MDMA, or ecstasy.

When asked about the line Cyrus explained to The Daily Mail, “It depends who’s doing what. If you’re aged ten [the lyric is] Miley, if you know what I’m talking about then you know.”

On August 25, Cyrus began to stir things up during her performance with pop singer Robin Thicke at the 2013 MTV video music awards. Wearing a skimpy and revealing nude latex outfit, Cyrus twerked while singing her hit “We Can’t Stop” and made questionable motions with a prop foam finger.

Her show on stage generated mixed responses from people who were watching from the comfort of their living rooms and also from Hollywood stars. Whether they were congratulating her on proving to the world she’s grown up and moved on from her hit Disney channel series, Hannah Montana, or confused and utterly shocked about her transformation, Cyrus caught the public’s attention.

Cyrus continued to shock the nation when the video for her new single “Wrecking Ball”, premiered on September 9. In the video Cyrus is completely naked swinging on a giant wrecking ball that is strategically placed to conceal her. While some critics say that the music video is an artistic representation of heartbreak, others say it is still quite risque.

Her album Bangerz was released on October 4. The week of October 14, her album took the number one spot on both itunes and on Billboard’s Top 200 Albums.

Regardless of how she is doing it, Miley Cyrus is getting people talking. In her Harper’s Bazaar interview she said, “I was an adult when I was supposed to be a kid. So now I’m an adult acting like a kid.”