MDMA overdose causes problems worldwide

By David Gataric

The last day of the Electric Zoo Festival in September was cancelled because attendees died after overdosing on MDMA.
The last day of the Electric Zoo Festival in September was cancelled because attendees died after overdosing on MDMA.

Molly is well known name at music events. She makes you dance. She makes you enjoy. She kills you.

MDMA (also known as ecstasy or Molly) is commonly abused drug, particularly among the  young population. It causes feelings of euphoria, wakefulness, intimacy and disinhibition. MDMA is often connected to “rave” (dance) parties.

There are also side effects, which can include anxiety, depression, convulsions, dizziness, insomnia and fatigue.

In 1996, 5.7 percent of United States 12th graders admitted to having used MDMA. In 2008, that percentage went down to 4.3 percent, but 1.7 percent of United States eighth graders reported using MDMA, according to National Institute of Health.

After oral consummation of this drug, it takes about one hour for it to start “working”. Normally, it lasts for few hours and  is back to normal. Belief of a “safe high” is probably main reason why this drug is so common among the younger population.

In the recent past, the music scene has seen three incidents connected to drugs. In all three incidents, the main suspect was ecstasy, well-know “safe high” drug.

“MDMA is usually considered psychedelic drug, although effects produced by MDMA deviate from typical psychedelic drugs, because it gives more stimulatory than visual effects,” said Milos Stankic, professional DJ and Winner of Ballantine’s DJ competition for Bosnia and Herzegovina. “Usually has a image of a “recreational” drug and it is associated with wild nightclub parties and festivals which are mainly related to electronic music.”

Stankic’s experience is based on hundred’s of events in the territory of ex-Yugoslavia.

“In my five-year career I’ve met a lot of people under effect of MDMA. They always stood out in crowd, have weird body movements and they sweat a lot more than other people,” said Stankic.

MDMA use cases have also occurred locally.

Dr. Kumar, ER doctor at Lancaster Regional Medical Center said that the main reason consumers of this drug finish in his workroom is because of dehydration. When the drug starts to affect your body, the heart rate and blood pressure increases to a life-threatening point, and the body uses much more fluid.

“People don’t drink enough fluid in that condition, so they get dehydrated,” said Dr. Kumar.

Last month at the Electric Zoo Festival in New York, two people died from an overdose of ecstasy; because of these deaths, the last day of festival was canceled. Nightclub House of Blues in Boston also saw one death in recent past, when 19-year-old girl died during a concert.

MDMA overdose is not a problem only in US. One died and 14 were hospitalized in Sydney, Australia, during the Defqon.1 music festival.

“Before you even think about use of any type of drug, you should know that every type of drug can leave a lasting impact on your body and your mind. We all know what happened at Electric Zoo Festival in New York. MDMA took four lives of young people in 2013. And every music festival brings a risk of new victims.  Don’t risk your life for few moments of pleasure. If you truly love music, you don’t need any “help” to have a good time,” said Stankic.