Library receives updates for new school year

By Tori Ressler

Penn Manor High School’s library has a lot of new additions this year, from new laptops to new books and even a new library website.

The main addition to the library is the student tech help center. In January, all students will be getting their own personal laptop. The library will have a tech area where students can go if they need any help or have any questions.

Librarian Mr. Jeff Taylor said the library will continue to offer printing and the library computers will remain.

Mr. Taylor also said that there are many new books this year. Some of the books he had listed were the Mortal Instruments, the third book in the Divergent series, the second Ravens Boy book, and many more.

He had said that most of the books that they were gathering for this year  were because of all the movies based off books coming out.

Another book Mr. Taylor is excited for is a new book called House of Hades coming out soon from the author of the Percy Jackson series, Rick Riordan.

“I already pre-ordered it!”, said Mr. Taylor.

The high school’s library has a very cool way for students to be able to take out 80 books at once. They have seven Kindles available to students.  All the Kindles have the same 80 books on them. In order to check out a Kindle you have to first get a permission slip and have your parents sign it.

The library also now has its own website. Mr.Taylor said it is up and running but there are still a few blank pages that they have to fill in.  It is a work in progress but he said for the most part everything is almost up.