Weather Outlook for Memorial Day is Still Uncertain

By Maggie Dubbs and Brady Charles –

Memorial day is just around the corner and summer is approaching quickly.  With all the rain lately, people are wondering if they are going to have to be changing their plans.

“April has been another in a long string of unusually warm months over most of the eastern two-thirds of the U.S.,” said WSI Chief Meteorologist Dr. Todd Crawford in a article on “However, as we head toward a new El Nino event, we are expecting increasing chances of below-average temperatures in, at least, parts of the U.S. For May, the eastern U.S. remains warmer than average. Looking beyond May, we are expecting a much different type of pattern than what was observed during the last four summers,”

Your plans will be dependent on El Nino and where you are at in the country. Some places have a cooler and wetter period, and some places will have a dryer summer. It depends where you are located.

“I’m planning on being at the beach all summer so the weather better be nice or I’ll be really mad,” said Juan Cubano.

With the oncoming El Nino event [it] suggests that the warmest part of the summer is more likely to be early, with generally cooler temperatures later in the summer, said Crawford.

Eric Horst, Millersville meteorologist, said it’s was too soon to tell how the weather will look for Memorial day weekend. Hopefully it will be like last year’s with warm temperatures, and clear skies.

Picnic's on Memorial day are a tradition for some

“I hope it’s nice out memorial day weekend, I hope the weather doesn’t ruin my weekend at the beach with my friends,” said senior Marc Summy about his Memorial Day plans.

Horst also commented that the weather will vary throughout the country, depending where you are at, or planning to go, your plans may change.

“I’m planning on going to the mountains and canoeing about eight miles, so if it rains that will be a long canoe ride,” said Mackenzie Payne.

“I hope our family picnic tradition continues like we were able to continue it last year with the nice weather,” said junior Jessica Hanner.

The weather for this holiday weekend is still to be set in stone, but people are hoping for more consistent, and warmer weather for this coming holiday and summer.