Economics Team Invest in Winning

By Aaron Brown –

Four students at Penn Manor got $50 for missing a day of school. What the heck?

Lake Heckaman, Anthony Cazillo, Mark Dano, and Lauren Pironis missed a day of school and won $50 for placing first at the Economics Challenge in Lititz.

The Penn Manor Economics team is holding up their winning plaque. Photo by Penn Manor Staff.

Penn Manor High School economics students traveled to Lititz to compete in the Economics Pennsylvania Eastern PA Economics Challenge. The team was accompanied by their AP Economy teacher, Chris Meier.

The day involved three tests, each with 15 questions for all four students. There was one test about microeconomics, one on macroeconomics, and one on international affairs.

“The macro test was hard because we didn’t learn about it in class, but the other two were easy,” said Lake Heckaman, a junior at Penn Manor.

Penn Manor was up against more than 30 teams, but they came out on top.

“All the teams were very smart, but I guess we were just smarter,” said Heckaman.

“We won because Mr. Meier is a good teacher and there was mad talent on our team,” said Heckaman.

This competition was a very good experience for the students that participated in the Economic Challenge. It showed them how they stacked up against other schools’ top economic students.

“It was an opportunity for us to showcase our knowledge, and I think our team really seized the opportunity,” said Mark Dano, a junior at Penn Manor.

The Penn Manor High School team,  placed first in the David Ricardo division.  This team won the honor of moving to the PA State Final Competition where they placed third.

Along with the Penn Manor sport teams, there are many Penn Manor clubs and academic teams that are successful.

Congratulations Economic Team!