Getting a Job Just Might be Easier Now

By Alex Sorce and Richard Schulz –

The unemployment rate in Lancaster County has dropped from a high of 8.8 percent to 6.1 percent this month, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Since the rate has dropped, some students from Penn Manor High School feel it will be easier to get a job than it has been during the past several years.

Deion Valentin, a junior from Penn Manor, has had a seasonal job but has recently been looking for something more part time. So far he’s sent out four applications in the last two weeks with no response, yet. He plan’s to check his email with hope of one new message.

Deion Valentin, who is wishing for a job. Photo credit to Alex Sorce.

“I haven’t heard anything from any of the places I’ve applied to, but I”m still looking,” said Valentin.

Even when the unemployment rate was at it’s highest, the teen rate was as high as 23.8 percent and has been in the 20’s since mid 2008, according to the US News website.

For some it’s easy to find a job, but for others it seems nearly impossible.

Even younger students such as, sophomore, Kelly St. John will be on the hunt. Her expectations for her summer will be to send out at least three applications.

“Yes, it will be easy,” she said with knowledge of the unemployment rate lowering and her optimistic point of view.

While a majority of students have had trouble finding a part time job, others, including junior Missy Shultz, it comes as second nature.

In search of a job, Shultz is two for two in being hired. She is employed at Shenk & Tittle in Park City Center and left a job at Stauffer’s of Kissel Hill.  Although she has had a flawless record, she quit her first job to pursue her second.

“Everyone says they’re having trouble finding a job, but it hasn’t been difficult for me,” said Shultz.